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Are you curious about Biological Decoding? We welcome you to register for Module 1 only and find out more.  We know you will want to come back for more! Questions:


Disease Speaks!

Learn the language of your body to heal

Helps You Investigate And Discover The Conflicts That Generate Stress, Leading To Pain And Illness. They Assist In Providing A Deeper Understanding Of How And Why People Become Ill And How The Programs Of Illness Can Be Decoded And Release From The Subconscious Mind, Where The Illness Was Programmed
And Stored.



Did you realize that until the age of 7 you were in a hypnotic trance? Every word, symbol, and interpretation, directly and indirectly, could enter your psyche as a post-hypnotic command.
Unrelieved, these unconscious commands can cause debility, limitations and constriction of life.
Trauma, devaluations, and conflicts further complicate the psycho-emotional picture and its outplay.
To uncover the psychological blocks and relieve their impact requires art and artistry. Like Sherlock Holmes on a sleuthing mission, subtle clues can be followed to find solutions. There are systematic ways conflicts tend to code, and can thus be decoded.
A leading pioneer, Enrique Bouron, shares his years of studies and success in this arena. The core concept in this work is that every system, each part of every tissue affected and all unconscious gestures provide clues to the decoding process. Once the conflicts or blocks are cleared, life can be restored in extraordinary ways.

The program is taught in 5 Modules. The first 4 are 2 days each and the final Module is 3 days. Upon satisfactory completion of all 5 Modules, certification is given for becoming a practitioner of the method.

Carlsbad, California

Module 1 October 7th  and 8th

Module 2 October 9th and 11th

(10th  free)

Modules 3 October 12th  and 13th

(14th & 15th free)

Module 4 October 16th and 17th

(18th free)

19, 20 and 21 Module 5
All modules must be taken consecutively


$395.00 Module 1-4- Module 5$ 495.00


Module 1 1. Dr. Hamer’s Works.
2. Biological Decoding, A Big Synthesis
3. The Law Of Ambivalence
4. The Iceberg Lesson.
5. Three Floors Of Human Biology.
6. How Does A Psychological Conflict Transforms In A Biological Conflict?
7. The Neuro-Vegetative System.
8. D.H.S. And Hamer Focus.
9. The Five Biological Laws:
9.1. Hamer’s Iron Law
9.2. Law Of The Two Phases Of Diseases.
A). First Phase (Sympaticotonia)
B). Second Phase (Vagotonia)
C). Point E, The Epileptic Crisis.
D). Restitution Or Repairing Phase Post Epileptic Crisis.
E). Importance Of Vagotonia.
F). The Healing Edema.
9.3. The Ontogenetic System Of Tumors And Cancer Equivalents.
A). The Four Embryonic Layers.
B). Endoderm Layer.
C). Old Mesoderm Layer.
D). New Mesoderm Layer.
E). Ectoderm Layer.
F). The Behavior Of Tumors (The Four Keys Of Biology)
9.4 The Ontogenetic System Of Microbes.
9.5 The Quintessence Law
10. Experience And Emotion
10.1 The Rail Notion
10.2 Impact Of Beliefs In Emotional Interpretation
10.3 Disease Examples, The Brain’s Perfect Solutions And Their Respective Experience
A). Joe’s Story, The Prehistoric Hunter.
B). Example Of A Young Woman With Depression.
C). The Fox And The Hare’s Leg.
11. The 13 Advices Of Dr. Hamer.
12. The Automatic Brain And How It Programs Itself.
12.1. The First “A”.
12.2. The Functional Mechanic Of The Conflicts.
A). Programming-Triggering Conflict.
B). Programming Conflict And Later Trigger Conflict.
C). A Great Stress That Awakens All Stresses.
12.3. Other Ways To Generate Conflicts:
A). Auto Programming Conflicts.
B). A Conflict That Suspends Another One.
C). A Conflict Lived By The Son/Daughter To Relieve One Or Both Parents (Or Ancestors!).
D). Conflict In Balance.
E). Recidivist Conflict.
F). Secondary Conflict.
G). Conflicts By Identification.
H). Diagnosis Conflict (To Be Seen Extensively In Chapter 13).
13. Diagnosis Conflict
14. The Conflict’s 5 Stages Of Conflict.
15. Doubt And Absolute Certainty.
16. Brain And Thought.
16.1. Thought.
16.2. How Does The Brain Manage Sensitive Information?
16.3. Thought And Senses.
16.4. Laws Of Suggestion And Auto-Suggestion.
16.5. Real, Imaginary, Symbolic And Virtual.
A). Relation Between The Automatic Brain And Thought.
B). How Does The Brain Manage The Kind Of Information?
17. The Coercive Pressure Factors Of The Environment.
18. Secondary Tumors And Metastasis.
19. Short Symbolic Story.
20. Myocardial Infarction.
20.1. Conflict Of Loss Of Territory In Nature.
20.2. Examples Of Heart Attack Prevention.
A). Mature Man With A Mini-Syncope At 3 Am.
B). Young Commercial Director, In A Hotel On A Saturday Afternoon.
20.3. Fundamental Observations On The Mi Reality.
21. Circulatory System.
21.1. Pericardium.
21.2. Endocardium.
21.3. The Heart (Myocardium).
21.4. Veins And Periphery Arteries. Varicose Veins. Phlebitis.
21.5. The Main Arteries.
Artery Near The Thyroid
Pulmonary Arteries And Aorta
21.6. Coronary Veins
21.7. The Lymph Glands
21.8. The Spleen
21.9. Anemia And Leukemia
Iron Deficiency Anemia
Idiopathic Hemolytic Anemia
Pernicious Anemia (Biermer Disease)
Refractory Anemia (Myelodysplasia Or Medullar Dysplasia)
21.10. Nose Bleeding (Epistaxis)
Module 2 21. The Universal Law Of Creation Of Things (Project And Purpose)
21.1. Difference Between Disease Project And Healing Project.
A) Disease Project
B) Healing Project
C) The Symbolism Of Healing
D) Implementing Project / / Purpose: Sense Of Diseases; Example Of Lady With Eczema
21.2. Project And Purpose Of Human Being’s Creation
22. Gesture And Pre – Gesture
22.1. Examples
22.2. Multiple Sclerosis Versus Myopathy
23. Mayeutics
24. Species Mutation
25. Mini – Maxi- Schizophrenia Mechanism
25.1. Concept
25.2. The Stroller
25.3. John Doe
26. Diets, Exercise ,Intoxication
27. Chronic Fatigue
28. Allergies
28.1. Separation Conflict
28.2. Conflict Of A “Death By Allergen” Memory
28.3. Biological Invariants Of Some Allergies
29. Breast Cancer
29.1. The Four Main Types Of Breast Cancer
1. Mammary Gland Cancer
2. Milk Channels Cancer
3. Dermis Cancer (Melanoma)
4. Recklinghausen Disease Or Neuro-Fibromatosis
29.2. Breast Cancer In Men
29.3. Cancer Location
29.4. Puberty Importance
29.5. Pregnancy Importance
29.6. Examples
29.7. General Decoding
30. Diabetes And Hypoglycemia
30.1. Diabetes
30.2. Hypoglycemia
31. Obesity, Fat And Bulimia
31.1. Abandonment Conflict
31.2. Silhouette Conflict (Aesthetic Impairment)
31.3. Indigestible Lack Conflict
31.4. Identity Conflict
31.5. Fat (Grease) Conflict
31.6. Meaning Of Fat Location
In Hips And Thighs
In The Womb
On Kidneys
At The Upper Trunk
Lipoma And Liposarcoma
31.7. Bulimia
31.8. Thinness
31.9. Obesity And Thinness Conflicts- Questionnaire
32. The Digestive System
32.1. Mouth
1. The Jaw
2. Teeth
3. Mouth And Tongue
A) Mucosa
– Cold Sores
B) Sub – Mucosa
– Sores
– Tongue Cancer
– Glossitis
– Exfoliative Areata Glossitis
(Geographic Tongue)
– Macroglossia
– Hypertrophied Taste Buds /
Tip Of The Tongue Ulcers
C) Salivary Glands
– Salivary And Parotid Excretory
– Salivary Glands Stones
D) Palate
32.2. Tonsils
32.3. Pharynx
32.4. Esophagus
– Esopharynx Spasm
32.5. Stomach
A) Endodermic Stomach
– Stomach Adenocarcinoma
– Hiatus Hernia
B) Ectodermic Stomach, Duodenal Bulb, Pylorus
– Pyloric Stenosis (Pathological
– Vomits
32.6. Duodenum (Not Duodenal Bulb)
32.7. Liver (Parenchyma)
– Liver Cancer
– Alcoholism , Hepatic Steatosis,
32.8. Pancreas (Parenchyma)
32.9. Biliary (Incl. Vesicle) And Pancreatic Ducts
– Stones In Gallbladder Or Bile Ducts
– Viral Hepatitis A, B And C.
– Jaundice
32.10. The Omentum
32.11. Small Intestine (Jejunum And Ileum)
– Crohn’s Disease
– Adhesions
– Occlusion
– Intussusceptions
32.12. Appendix And Caecum
32.13. Colon
– Colitis
– Diarrhea
– Constipation
– Circumstantial Constipation
– Constipation Since Childhood
– Flatulence And Gas
– Belching
32.14. Rectosigmoid
32.15. Lower Rectum
32.16. Hemorrhoids
32.17. Navel
32.18. Peritoneum
32.19 . Several
– Cholesterol
– Triglycerides
33 The Biological Cascade
34 Electra And Edipus: Total Biology Point Of View.
35 Parents-Child Triangles.
35.1. Triangle 1: Padre // Mother // Son
35.2. Triangle 2: Mother + Father + Son
35.3. Triangle3: Son + Father// Mother
35.4. Triangle 4: Father // Mother + Son
35.5. Triangle 5: Father + Mother // Son
35.6. Triangle 6: Father + Son // Son + Mother
35.7. Triangle 7: Mother + Father // Father + Son
35.8. Triangle 8: Mother + Father // Mother + Son
35.9. Triangle 9 (Abandoned Child).
36. The Trilogies (Or Triads Or Brotherhood’s Ranks
37. Circulation Of Memories And Order In The Clan 37.1. Psychogenealogy And Ancestral Memories
37.2. Other Examples Of Total Biology
37.3. How To Study The Memory Circulation
37.4. Recommended Books Regarding Psychogenealogy. 133
Module 3 38 Memorized Biological Cellular Cycles (Mbcc)
38.1. The Autonomy Cycle
38.2. The Reproductive Cycle
38.3. Cardiac Activity Cells Cycles
38.4. Breathing Cells Cycles
38.5. Memory Cells Cycles
38.6. Identity Cycle
38.7. Other Cycles
39. Conflict Evolution: The “Chinese Hat” And The No Return Point
39.1. Introduction And Diagram
39.2. Detailed Analysis Of Semi -Representational Diagram
39.3. The Point Of No Return
40. Conflictive Children
Pregnancy And Birth
Working With Children
Skin-To- Skin Contact
Exploration Clues
Other Invariants
Utterance Problems
Reading And Writing Difficulties
School Difficulties
Problems In Pregnancy
Unweaned Problems
Behavior Problems, Habits, Tics
Diseases And Physical Discomforts
Adoption 36
41. Respiratory System
41.1. Lungs
1. Lungs Alveoli
2. Bronchi Mucosa Glands
3. Other Diseases
– Lung Cancer (Small Cells )
– Cystic Fibrosis
– Branchioma
– Pneumothorax
41.2. Pleura
41.3. Bronchi (Mucosa)
41.4. Asthma
41.5. Snoring
41.6. Larynx
41.7. Others
1. Sleeping Apnea
2. Emphysema
3. Pneumonia
4. Sars
42. The Universe
42-B Reflections And Realities
42.1. Levels Of Information And Consequences
42.2. Diseases And Physiology Exacerbations
42.3. Reflection – Reality Concept And Biological Decoding Consultation
42.4. The Importance Of Changing The Perspective
43 Biological Traps
44 Those Who Cannot Heal
45 Deprogramming / Re – Programming And Awareness
46 Dreams
47 Comma
48 The Holograms
48.1. Introduction
48.2. Examples
49 Placebo Effect
50 Unconscious Connections
50.1. The Philodendron
50.2. The Mouse And The Submarine
50.3. The Elephants
50.4. Unconscious Links: Leticia And The Cat’s Guts
51 Synchronicities
52 Great Epidemics Of Humanity
53 The Brains Ping -Pong
53.1. The “Fuse Box”
53.2. Diagram Of The Fuse Box
53.3. Neuronal Cell Control Centers (Hamer Focus)
53.4. Hormone Neutralization
53.5. Freud’s Intuition
53.6. Free Will
53.7. Right And Left Handed
53.8. Hormones
54 Urinary System
54.1. The Endoderm Bladder
54.2. Ectoderm Bladder
54.3. Ureter
54.4. Kidney (Parenchyma)
54.5. Kidney (Renal Pelvis)
54.6. The Kidney Collector Tubes
54.7. Others
Module 4


55. P.C.B.I. – Patient’s Conflicting Brain Integration
55.1. Original Biological Conflict In Nature
55.2. Biological Affinity Conflict
55.3. Permanence Deficit Conflict
55.4. Secondary Conflict
55.5. Intricate Conflicts
55.6. Multiple Conflicts
55.7. “Pre-Cooked” Conflicts
56. Conjunction Conflicts
56.1. Post Office Employee Story
56.2. Boil In The External Ear Canal Of The Right Ear
57 Nervous Depression
57.1. Hormonal Neutralization
57.2. Territory Conflicts
58 The Schizophrenic Constellations
58.1. Diagram Of The Principal Schizophrenic And Schizophrenic Constellations Of The Brain, The Cerebellum And The Brainstem
58.2. Maniac -Depressive Psychosis (Mdp)
58.3. Frontal – Occipital Constellation
A) Example Of Initiation Rite
B) Example Of Car Accidents
58.4. Bi- Cardiac Constellation
58.5. Bi- Aerial Constellation
58.6. Rectum-Biliary Constellation
58.7. Bi- Vesicular Constellation
58.8. Bi -Mammary Cerebellar Constellation
58.9. Brainstem Bi- Collector Constellation
58.10. Bi -Frontal Constellation
58.11. Bi -Occipital Or Paranoid Constellation
58.12. Anorexia
58.13. Mythic – Maniac – Depressive Constellation
58.14. Bulimic Constellation
58.15. Cortex Schizophrenic Constellation
58.16. Autistic Constellation
58.17. Sexual Frustration Conflict + Separation Conflict
58.18. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Ocd)
58.19. Loss Of Territory + Another Conflict
58.20. The Central Conflict
58.21. Snoring
58.22. Bruxism
59 Chronic Hallucinatory Psychosis (Chp)
59.1. Visual Chp
59.2. Auditive Chp
59.3. Olfactory And Gustatory Chp
59.4. Tactile Chp
59.5. Thought Chp
60 The Nervous System
Lateral Amyotrophic Sclerosis
Optic Nerve
Cervical- Brachial Neuralgia (Or Neuritis)
Arnold Neuralgia
Trigeminal Essential Neuralgia
Acoustic Neurinoma
Morton ‘S Neuroma
Optic Neuropathy
Lyme Disease
Neuropathies Accompanied By Autoimmune Pathologies
Vogt- Koyanagi -Harada Syndrome
Behçet’s Disease
Paralysis / Paresis
Familiar Spasmodic Paraplegia
61 Thyroids And Parathyroids
61.1. Thyroids (Acinose Part)
– Hyperthyroidism
– Hypothyroidism
61.2. Thyroids (Excretory Channels)
61.3. Parathyroids
62 Reproductive System
62.1. Scrotum
62.2. Prostate
62.3. Seminal Vesicles
Man And Woman
62.4. Gonads (Sprouting Cells)
62.5. Gonads (Interstitial Conjunctive Area)
62.6. The Uterine Tubes
62.7. Uterus Neck
62.8. Uterus, Smooth Muscles
– Double Uterus
– Fibroma
62.9. Mucosa Of Uterus Body
– Endometriosis
– Abundant, Irregular And / Or Painful Menses
– Uterine Retroversion
– Pre- Menstrual Symptoms
62.10. Vagina
– Vaginal Candidiasis
– Vaginitis
– Bartholin Glands
63 Sense Organs
63.1. Skin
1. Acne
2. Dandruff
3. Seborrheic Dermatitis
4. Dermatomyositis
5. Scleroderma
6. Eczema
7. Moles
8. Malignant Melanoma
9. Psoriasis
10. Urticaria
11. Warts
12. Plantar Wart
13. Vitiligo
14. Herpes
63.2. Auditory Sense
1. Inner Ear
2. Middle Ear
3. Eustachian Tubes
4. Tinnitus
5. Cholesteatoma
6. Labyrinthitis
7. Middle Ear Otitis
8. Dizziness
9. Vestibulitis (Of The Labyrinth).
63.3. Olfactory Sense
1. Nasal Mucosa
2. Sinus
3. Smell (Olfactory Nerve)
4. Cold
5. Flu
63.4. Sight Sense
1. Lacrimal Glands
2. Eye
3. Astigmatism
4. Blepharitis (Eyelids)
5. Cataract
6. Conjunctivitis
7. Daltonism
8. Detached Retina
9. Diplopia
10. Strabismus
11. Convergent Strabismus (Esotropía)
12. Divergent Strabismus (Exotropia)
13. Exophthalmia
14. Glaucoma
15. Hemianopsia
16. Far.Sightedness
17. Myopia
18. Nystagmus
21.Paranoia (Imaginary Vision Of Reality)
23.Keratoconus (Conical Cornea)
24.Retinitis Pigmentosa
64 Other Decodings
Plantar Callus
Diabetes (More Information)
Gilbert Disease
Autoimmune Diseases
Scarlet Fever
Spasmophilia (Panic)
Spina Bifida
Cold (Permanent Cold Feeling)
Pituitary (Dwarfism And Acromegaly)
T-Cell Lymphoma (Fungoides Mycosis)
Papilloma (Condyloma)
Popliteal Cyst
Rectum And Shoulders
Nicotine Poisoning
Nervous Tics
Drug Addiction
Trachoma (Chlamydia Or Trachomatosis)
Head Trauma
Thrombosis In One Eye
Benign Tumors, Malignant Tumors
Brain Tumors
Vaginal Vestibulitis
65 Therapeutic Practice
65.1. Consultation
1. The First Consultation
2. The Following Queries
3. The Opening File Form
4. Enrique Bouron’s Query Structure
65.2. Conflict
1. Identify The Original Conflict Situation
2. Following Steps To Understand The Conflict
3. Disabling The Conflict
65.3. Therapeutic Tools
1. Everything Has To Do With Everything
2. Active Listening (Unconscious Erratum)
3. Biological Decoding Logic
4. Symbolic Languages And Decoding
– The Kabbalistic Method
– The Symbols Of Our Everyday (Our Beliefs And Languages)
– The “Language Of Birds”
5. The Ericksonian Hypnosis
6. The Genealogical Tree.
65.4. Keys In Consultation.
65.5. Recommendations For Therapeutic Practice

Module 5 I. Introduction
A. Bones
B. Rheumatology
Ii. Fundamental Overview
A. Bones
B. Osteoarthritis Vs. Arthritis Vs. Rheumatism
Iii. Major Bases For Comprehension Of Biological Decoding
A. Big Picture
B. Head
1. Frontal
2. Temporal
3. Parietal
4. Occipital
5. Bone System Around The Ear
6. Bone System Around The Eye
7. Bone System Around The Mouth
8. Loose Gums
9. The Left And Right Mandibles (Cheeks)
10. Zygomatic Arch (Both Cheekbones Together)
11. Maxillae
12. Bone Nose
13. Ethmoid
14. Sphenoid
15. Vertex
16. Bregma
17. Lambda
18. Opistocranión
19. Asterion
20. Inion
21. Mastoid Apophysis
22. Styloid Apophysis
23. Pterion
24. Glabellas
25. Gnation
26. Pterygoid Apophysis
27. Anterolateral Fontanelle
28. Tempanal (Ring Bone Not Welded To The Temporal)
29. Posterolateral Fontanelle (The First Six Months)
30. Mastoid
31. Sella Turcica
32. Crista Galli Apophysis
33. Opisthion
34. Basion
C. Spinal Chord
1. General.
2. Cervical Vertebrae
3. Dorsal Vertebrae
4. Lumbar Vertebrae
5. Sacro
6. Sacro- Iliac
A. Iliac Bone (Ilium)
B. Acetabulum
C. Ischium
7. Coccyx
D. Rib Cage
1. Acromion
2. Coracoid Apophysis
3. Shoulder
4. Clavicles
5. Ribs
6. Sternum
7. Manubrium
8. Xiphoid
9. Scapula
E. Top Limbs
1. Humerus
2. Elbow
3. Ulna
4. Radio
5. Styloid Apophysis Of These Two Bones (Ulna And Radius)
6. Olecranon
F. Hands
1. Wrist
2. Hand – Carpus
A. Scaphoid
B. Semi -Lunate Or Lunate
C. Pisiform
D. Trapezium
E. Big Bone (Capitalum)
F. Pyramidal
G. Trapezoid
H. Hamate
I. Sesamoid
3. Hand – Metacarpus
A. 1st Metacarpal
B. 2nd Metacarpal
C. 3rd Metacarpal
D. 4th Metacarpal
E. 5th Metacarpal
4. Fingers – Phalanges
A. Thumb (Ditto For Right Or Left Hand)
B. Index (Ditto For Right Or Left Hand)
C. Higher
D. Ring Finger
E. Little Finger
G. Lower Limbs
1. Iliac Crest
2. Anterior Superior Iliac Spine
3. Hip (Or Coxofemoral Joint)
4. Femur
5. Socket
6. Femoral Head
7. Femoral Neck
8. Greater Trochanter
9. Lesser Trochanter
10. Inter – Trochanter Line
11. Lateral Epicondyle
12. Great Adductor Tubercle
13. Femur: Lateral Condyle (External )
14. Femur: Medial Condyle (Internal)
15. Trochlea
16. Tibia
17. Spine Of The Tibia (Inter – Condylar Eminence)
18. External Tubercle Or External Lateral Condyle Of The Tibia.
19. Internal Tubercle Or Medial Condyle Of The Tibia.
20. Gerdy Tubercle (Anterior- Lateral Face)
21. Anterior Tubercle Of The Tibia
22. Internal Medial Malleolus (Lateral Malleolus Is On The Fibula)
23. Fibula
24. Fibular Styloid Apophysis
25. Medial Crest Of Fibula
26. Lateral Malleolus
27. Knee Cap
28. Knee In General
H. Feet
1. Ankle In General
2. Tarsus
A. Talus
B. Calcaneus
C. Scaphoid Or Navicular
D. Cuboid
E. The 3 Cuneiforms
3. Metatarsus
4. Fingers – Phalanges
I. Tendons
J. Ligaments
Iv. Catalogued Diseases
Charcot – Marie Amyotrophy
Klippel-Trenaunay Angioma
Antelistesis L5/S1
Anterior Tibial Apophysitis
Juvenile Chronic Arthritis
Juvenile Arthritis
A. Scheuermann Disease
B. Legg – Perthes – Calve Disease
C. Kienbock Disease
D. Freiberg Disease
E. Osgood- Schlatter Disease
F. Sever Disease
A. Cerebellar Ataxia
B. Friedrich Ataxia
C. Hereditary Spinal Ataxia
Adhesive Capsulitis
Hyaline Cartilage
Meningeal Chondrosarcoma
Charcot Disease
Charcot – Marie Amyotrophy
Synovial Spill
Global Decalcification
Dupuytren Disease
Ehlers – Danlos Disease
Still Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Spina Bifida
Calcaneal Spine
Ankylosing Spondylarthritis
Fissured Labiopaltine
Forestier Disease
Freiberg Disease
Hallux Valgus
Disk Hernia
Knee Hygroma
Ligament Laxity
Motor Brain Disability
Kienbock Disease
Cleft Lip
Ledderhose Disease
Low Back Pain
Dislocation (Exarthrosis)
Congenital Dislocation Of The Hip
Shoulder Rotator Cuff
Duchenne De Boulogne Myopathy
Osgood – Schlatter
Tibial Tuberosity Osteochondrosis
Osteoid Osteoma
Paget Skull Disease
Paget Tibial Disease
Familiar Spasmodic Paraplegia
Parrot Disease
Lipping Of Vertebrae
Clubfoot (Bowlegged )
Poland Syndrome
Chronic Evolutionary Polyarthritis
Groin Injury
Retrolisthesis L5/S1
Scheuermann Disease
Strumpell – Lorrain Disease
Gilles De La Tourette Syndrome
Transitory Hip Synovitis
Sudeck Disease
Achilles Tendon
Tics Dyskinesia
Carpao Tunnel Syndrome
Guyon Tunnel Syndrome
V. Some Therapeutic Examples
A. Louis Angeloz
B. Enrique Bouron


Testimonials & Practitioners

Bio Decoders help you investigate and discover the conflicts that generated stress, leading to pain and illness. They assist in providing a deeper understanding of how and why people become ill, and how the programs of illness can be decoded and released from the subconscious mind, where the illness was programmed and stored.



Bio 2

Bio Decoders Practitioners

Deb DeLisi Email


Southern California / Skype Sessions

Jason  Email


November Graduate Class Mentor / Skype Sessions

Rosario Email


Miami, Florida

Laura Gwen Email


California / Psychogenealogy Host

Flo Email


Toronto Canada

Donna M Email


Norhern US Region:  Informational Only

Kim E Email


Southwest Region / Mesquite, Nevada

Cathy Email
Personal Holistic Health Coach
Health and Wellness Educator-Advocate


Kim  B Email



 Rita G.  Email 

November 2014 Graduate/Practitioner/Certified Coach

Vancouver, Canada/Skype Sessions



Susan Kingsbury LMP, RBI

Biological Decoding and Psychogenealogy
Lynnwood, Washington
available in my office or by Skype

Betty Kellenberger Email

Auburn, California                                                        530-887-8720. Cell# 530-210-1550.


Jeanie Ballard, HTCP, CBD, CLC, RMT Email

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Integrative Healing Therapies


Shari Liess EMAIL

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Energy Matters Seattle Email

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Energy Matters,LLC
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Marilyn Nicholas EMAIL


Choices for Optimal/Life Geometries
southern California as well as global sessions


Wendy Rowley



Asta Zavistanaviciene CHHC, CBD, RM
Skype- asta.zavista




What People Are Saying?


As an integrative biological dentist, biological decoding plays an integral part of providing truly holistic care and is incomplete without it.
Carla Yamashiro, DDS, NMD, IBDM
The Ecologic Dentist
November 2014 Graduate

This program has changed the landscape and lens from which I see through and operate from.

There is no way that you can see life the same way after learning this profound body of work. As a result of taking Modules 1-5 I have been able to expand my own understanding of the root-cause of disease. As a practitioner, I am able to assist those who have been given a diagnosis, offer tools & explanation about how the conflict was created and most importantly how to move back into balance and health. It’s a life changing program and worth the cost, time and energy!!
Laura G, San Diego, CA

November 2014 Graduate

“Bio Decoding works.

I’ve received sessions that cleared up some of my health issues rapidly. And I’ve given sessions where the client had “OMG!” moments of awareness, which led to shifts in long held biological issues. It’s a great modality to learn and use, and Enrique is an excellent teacher too.”

Deb D.

November 2014 Graduate / Practitioner

Personally Bio-decoding

Has improved my life , I have A feeling of freedom, more joy, peace of heart , body mind and spirit !and I feel as a practitioner I can do MORE now , it opens doors for us to expand. I pray for something like this to help others, besides the energy work and what I already do, this has Help me to help others in a more profound way, with amazing results ! I strongly recommend this for personal growth and to help others!
It has shifted my universe … Very grateful
Rosario C
November 2014 Graduate


Bio decoding puts power back in innate and not on outside factors. Everything in this world has only one meaning, the meaning we give it.

Rubi H.

November 2014 Graduate




Biological Decoding has helped me understand more about the “Why” about myself.

It has helped me release the residue of family conflicts that I’ve consciously worked on resolving for some years. The closure has provided me with peace.Biological Decoding has also enhanced my therapeutic skills. I have added this modality to my toolbox and coaching practice.  As a facilitator and practitioner, I am now better able to assist clients – who have a medical diagnosis – to understand and release conflict and disease.  Invest in yourself. A desired outcome of self-empowerment, balance and well-being is worth the time and energy invested in this program.
Rita G 01/30/2015

Absolutely. This is the best training ever. So educational and 4th dimension!

Kim E.

November 2014 Graduate



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