If you answered yes, then you are invited to join the Aloha Choir to serenade the Cosmos with the Pineal Tones. These are ancient sounds that can activate your pineal gland, your DNA, and your Akashic records. By singing these tones, you will tap into the powerful energies that are transforming our planet and ourselves.

The Aloha Choir is a cosmic mission for humanity. By singing the Pineal Tones, the Aloha Choir will unlock profound energies that are deeply connected to our planetary shift. These energies will rekindle the multidimensional information that lies dormant within our Akash and transform our own DNA for the next great leap of evolution. This is a monumental task that only our Lemurian Family can undertake.

This transformative Choir is assigned to Lemurians to activate the next level of quantum communication with the cosmos.to raise your vibration, align with the planetary shift, and take a step towards elevating our consciousness and embracing positive change. Don’t miss this chance to join the Aloha Choir and sing your soul’s song.

With the Aloha Choir, we honor the memory of Lemuria, the ancient land of wisdom and enlightenment.

We share a soulful deep bond with the spirit of Lemuria, and we manifest it through the Pineal Tones, a sacred sound that awakens our inner light. Join us in this celebration of our true home and let us sing together: Welcome Home!


Who Is Dr. Todd?

Dr. Todd Ovakaitys is a brilliant medical researcher who has remembered singing and toning as taught by his Pleiadian mother. He has taught these tones to hundreds of old souls across the world and has created many choirs that have been singing these unique tones that have unlocked profound energies that are deeply connected to our planetary shift.


The Aloha Choir is led by Dr. Todd (Yawee), a renowned expert on Pineal Toning, and his team of choir instructors will teach you how to sing these tones in harmony with others, creating a symphony of light and love that will resonate throughout the universe.

The Lemurian Reunion Choir is a 4-day event that will take place in Maui, Hawaii. Participants will have time to practice the Pineal Tones with Dr. Todd and co-conductors and time for creating the toning ceremony on the fourth day. Choir members are required to participate on all 4 days. We highly recommend that you plan to stay a day or two beyond the choir to allow for integration.

To join The Aloha Choir, you need to have completed training in the Pineal Tones either through an in-person seminar with Dr. Todd between 2012 and Oct 1st, 2024 or through the webinar — Pineal Tones online seminar with Dr Todd. If you have participated in a previous choir as a “chorister” (singer) then you will qualify for this one. You can register for the choir before you complete your required rehearsal – you only need to promise that you will complete your course before October 1st, 2024.  Qualifications will be reviewed before October 1st, 2024.



December 8th, 2024: Aloha Choir Registration

December 9th, 2024: Rehearsal Day 1

December 10th, 2024: Rehearsal Day 2

December 11th, 2024: Rehearsal Day 3

December 12th, 2024: Final Performance

What Is The Assignment For This Choir?

KRYON Mayan Choir Assignment by the Stars Mother:

audio.kryon.com/en/CHOIR 10 CHANNEL 6.mp3

History of the Choirs 12 years of cosmic communication:

audio.kryon.com/en/Choir 10 Hisory Final.mp3


Monika Muranyi – Nodes and Nulls of Earth – The Gaia Effect – A Kryon Book – Higher Density Blog (wordpress.com)

Accommodations, Travel And More

The New Pineal Tones Qualifying Webinar 

The choir will be presented in English. Additional languages will be added based on demand and availability of a translator.

Participants registered for the choir will get practice materials sent via their registration email with links and download information no later than 2 weeks before the choir. Be sure to use an email that you check frequently when you register! Please check your spam box if you have not received the updates.

The event will take place at Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa, located at 2605 Ka’anapali Parkway, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii 96761, United States. You can make hotel reservations at Marriott Maui. All participants must make lodging arrangements.

Start Date: End Date:

Thursday, December 5, 2024Thursday, December 19, 2024