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Simply, you are the best! Your angelic energy seeps into what ever you are doing for them!!! I support you!

Connie Okelberry

Job Role, Company

Well, I think the biggest asset that this company has is definitely Rubiii, she is such an amazing human being that enjoys her job very much! Congratulations for this 3rd Year Anniversary, March is such a beautiful month to celebrate!

Ady Zuniga

Job Role, Company

Online Registration

BRC Magic has been great to work with. They have been very responsive to our various requests, and I have especially enjoyed working with Rubi. Rubi has responded VERY quickly to any questions I have had, and has really gone out of her way to help me with all the online aspects of our race.

Chris Tanner

Job Role, Company

On-Line And In-Person Event

Using BRC for my events registrations has taken all the stress out of planning and managing registrations; so worth it! After using BRC Magic Event Registration services over the past 3 years, I can’t imagine how I ever did it on my own and will NEVER go back to that. From the beginning, Rubi helped me design my web page on their service, listened to my feedback and helped make the page so very user friendly…especially given all the details our workshops have. Thank you thank you! The registration is so well organized, that you (BRC) don’t have to be there at all; its like MAGIC! Having you at the event is especially nice for me, personally, because I’ve come to love and appreciate who you are as a person.

Dr. Amber Wolf

Job Role, Company

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